Hi, I'm Michelle, creator of luxury soaps and bath products here at St. Tammany Soapworks, located in Covington, Louisiana. With a strong interest in holistic health and organic and natural products, I began making soap because I wanted to use bath and skincare products that were safe and natural, not mass produced with a lot of synthetic ingredients. After months of research, I bought enough equipment and supplies to make a couple of batches. I was immediately hooked.

After beginning as a hobby in my kitchen, I soon learned that the products I was making were in high demand. So many people I spoke with were also looking for more natural and sustainable products. There was a need for high-quality, all natural soaps. So it was back to more research, expanding my knowledge and experimenting with a variety of good-for-you ingredients.

We launched our small, woman-owned business in 2019 and haven't looked back. It has grown over the past two years, and we now have customers from New York to California and most states in between.

We are passionate about hand making high quality, 100% natural products in small batches using the old-fashioned cold process method, hand-poured, hand-cut, and hand-packaged. Just like our ancestors, we make it all from scratch.

We use only the finest ethically-sourced oils and butters, with no preservatives, that are free of detergents, sulfates, phthalates and parabens. All bars are colored using natural ingredients such as plant powders, herbs, and clays and scented with therapeutic grade essential oils. We always use locally-sourced botanicals when possible.

Take a look at the ingredient list on any of our products and the first thing you'll notice is a limited number of ingredients, and you can pronounce every one of them. We strive to be environmentally friendly, keeping our packaging to a minimum so you can feel better about the products you buy.

We believe in the power of plants. We carefully formulate all of our recipes to feel luxurious on your skin, and to have a smooth, creamy lather. While we can't make any medical claims, many of our customers have told us that their skin feels healthier. And that makes us happy!