natural soap

We are firm believers that natural soap is better for your skin than store bought, mass produced soap. 100% natural soap contains no chemicals or unnatural additives. But if you need more convincing ...


You know what you're putting on your body
Next time you're in the grocery store, pick up a bar of soap and look at the ingredients list. How many ingredients are listed? Are there any you can't pronounce? Personally, we don't want to put synthetic detergents or chemically-produced fragrances on our bodies. We'd much rather use soap that has ingredients that come from the earth.

Not only can you pronounce all of our ingredients, nine times out of ten, you know what they are. Many of them can be found in your kitchen cabinet -- olive oil, coconut oil, oatmeal, vegetable purees. Just like these plant based ingredients have benefits when put IN your body, they have benefits when used ON your body.

They contain glycerin
Glycerin is a humectant, which means it will sit on your skin and draw moisture towards it. When left in soap, glycerin leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturized. Did you know that most major manufacturers REMOVE the glycerin from their soap? Yep, they actually separate it from the soap and sell if off or use it in other products such as lotions. That's why so often you need to use lotion after using a bar of mass produced soap.

They DON'T contain synthetic fragrances
Back to that bar of soap from the grocery store. Does it list "fragrance" or "parfum"? That means it contains synthetic fragrances. They don't want to tell you exactly what it is because it could be harmful ... to you and/or our planet. Instead, we use all essential oils ... oils that are naturally extracted from the leaves of plants, the peel of citrus fruits or the resins from bark or roots. They provide beautiful NATURAL scents, not fake smells that are created in a lab.

You're getting additional healing properties
Whenever we create new products, we take the time to research the ingredients and formulate the recipe so that it results in a high-quality product with good-for-you skin-loving benefits. We use colloidal oats and calendula powder to soothe sensitive skin, charcoal and tea tree to draw out toxins and honey and almond milk to provide moisture. While we can make no medicinal claims about any of our products, we have many of our customers swear by them.

We don't test on animals
After all the researching of ingredients and formulating recipes, we make small test batches. But we don't test on Fido or Whiskers. We test on people who VOLUNTEER to test. Mainly, ourselves!

You're supporting small businesses
More than likely, when you purchase all-natural soap you're buying from a small business that makes it by hand the way our forefathers did. The big guys aren't going to use the quality of ingredients we do -- it eats too much into their profit. We're more concerned about educating our customers as to the benefits of all of the ingredients and less about getting rich. We've heard it said that when you buy ANYTHING from a small business, an actual person does a happy dance. And although the photographic evidence has been buried, we can confirm that!