• Chamomile: a super plant!

    When you think about chamomile, most people automatically think about tea. Many tea drinkers rely on this magical elixir to help them relax and have a peaceful night’s sleep. But did you know that chamomile has a host of other benefits?
  • Our 5 favorite essential oils ...

    Essential oils are a hot topic these days. Even though they have been used since the beginning of time as a form of medicine, modern essential oils are also being used as cleansing agents, in personal care products and for everyday aromatherapy.
  • Why all natural soap?

    We are often asked why we started making soap. After several years of ditching most processed foods, we switched to using all natural cleaning products in our home. So we were paying attention to what we put in our bodies and around our bodies -- but what about what we put ON our bodies?