• What's the deal with goat milk?

    Have you noticed an abundance of soap and other skin care products that contain goat milk? It is said that Cleopatra regularly took baths in donkey milk, to preserve the vitality and beauty of her skin. All milk is actually a great addition to a skin care regimen, and there are multiple reasons why we recommend goat milk soap.

  • The great things about olive oil soap

    Did you know that the Ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians all used olive oil in their personal hygiene rituals? They not only used it to promote soft and shiny hair, but also used it mixed with a bit of sand to cleanse their bodies. Today, olive oil is used in skin care products because of its high content of vitamins, antioxidants and moisturizing properties.
  • The salt that’s not a salt

    Guess what? Epsom salt isn't actually salt. It’s actually a pure mineral compound of magnesium sulfate in crystal form, so it looks an awful lot like salt. But it has no sodium chloride, which is what regular table salt is. The wonders of epsom salt have been well known for hundreds of years and, unlike other salts, has beneficial properties that can soothe the body, mind, and soul.

  • Chamomile: a super plant!

    When you think about chamomile, most people automatically think about tea. Many tea drinkers rely on this magical elixir to help them relax and have a peaceful night’s sleep. But did you know that chamomile has a host of other benefits?